analysis of the week
good morning

it's 02:30 GMT maoday

as we said in friday any close bellow 1.2280 will push the market down and the weekly chart for eur this week showing down trend
in the same time as most of you know that i am interested in technical analaysis more than fundemantal but the data for this week is not normal data , it's Fed decision where can change the direction for market any time

and EUR showing down trend for this week but end of this month we will see some retracment for eur again but again i believe the Fed decision can collaps every thing and revers the market up or down

so technicaly now we can see the main Resistance and Support for this week

EUR: 1.2260 - 1.1980
GBP : 1.7980- 1.7550
CHF: 1.2900- 1.2600
JPY: 111.30 - 10940
AUD: 0.7140 - 0.6950
NZD: 0.6720-0.6560
CAD: 1.3190-1.2920
XAU: 413.20- 400.50
DXY: 90.15- 88.45

it's the main points for this week and i prefare to wait the Fed decision before intering any position but without the Fed decision Dollar will be strong this week and as said Fed can change the direction

good luck