Look after = Take care
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    Aug 2010

    افتراضي Look after = Take care

    Look after = Take care
    Meaning : يعتني بـ
    Example : Their aunt LOOKED AFTER them while their mother was in hospital

    Look back = Think about the past
    Meaning : يفكر في الماضي
    Example : Old people often LOOK BACK on their lives.

    Look down on = Have a low opinion of
    Meaning : ينظر بزدراء او تكبر الى
    Example : He LOOKS DOWN ON his colleagues because he thinks he's better than they are.

    Look for = Try to find
    Meaning : يبحث عن
    Example : I've been LOOKING FOR all their hidden files, but I can't find them anywhere.

    Look forward to = Wait for or anticipate something pleasant = expect with pleasure
    Meaning : يتطلع الى
    Example : I'm LOOKING FORWARD TO meeting you.

    Look in = Make a quick visit
    Meaning : يمر بـ او يزور بسرعة
    Example : I'll LOOK IN on my way home.

    Look into = Research, investigate
    Meaning : يبحث او يحقق فيه
    Example : We'll LOOK INTO the problem and come back to you when we have the information.

    Look on = Watch something like a crime without helping
    Meaning : يتفرج بدون ان يحرك ساكناً
    Example : The crowd just LOOKED ON as the old lady was mugged.

    Look out = Be careful
    Meaning : كن حذراً
    Example : LOOK OUT; you're going to drop that!

    Look round = Inspect a house
    Meaning : يتفحص المنزل
    Example : We LOOKED ROUND the house and decided that we didn't like it enough to buy it.

    Look to = Expect, hope
    Meaning : يأمل او يتوقع
    Example : The company is LOOKING TO increase its sales in Asia.

    Look up = Improve
    Meaning : يتحسن
    Example : The economy is LOOKING UP.

    Look up to = Respect
    Meaning : يحترم
    Example : She's LOOKS UP TO her mother.

    Look upon as = Consider = regard
    Meaning : يعتبر
    Example : I LOOK UPON him AS a close friend.

    Look up a word = search for it in a dictionary
    Meaning : يبحث عن كلمة في القاموس
    Example : I don't know the meaning of this word ; I shall look it up

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    Aug 2010


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