Mr.Dollar please edit EA
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    May 2010

    افتراضي Mr.Dollar please edit EA

    Dear mr dollar
    Sorry no Arabic Kb available now I want to edit attached MGrid EA please

    As pic shown variable level =3
    So 3 buystop and 3 sellstop created 1-2-3 is b-stop and 4-5-6 is s-stop
    Target and stop loss is equal to increment pips * number of Level
    For example when position 1 is activated another 3 sell stop 7 – 8 and 9 is created with the same original target and stop loss

    I want to edit position of 7-8and 9 as shown
    Position 7 is far away by incremental (if incremental =50 and position 1 activated at1.4500 so position 7 is at 1.4450)
    And so on
    position 8 at1.4400
    position 9 at1.4350

    I want to edit target andstop loss for all position to be at after position 9 50pip so it will be at 1.4300
    When position 7-8 and 9 created so no need to old position 4-5-and 6 and deleted it

    And so on if position 7 is activated another 3 position buy stop created 10-11-and 12 position 10 is far away from position 7 by incremental
    position 11 is far away from position 7 by 2* incremental
    position 12 far away from position 7 by3* incremental
    and new target and stoploss for all opened position is far away from poison 7 by 4*increment

    if all position get target all pending orders deleted and start again new grid

    please note that every position active tends to delete old pending and create another pending in new position and edit Sl and TP
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    May 2010


    Mr .Dollar
    hope u r fine