hello all..anyone can help me
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    Mar 2010

    افتراضي hello all..anyone can help me

    hello dears..
    i have a big problems with a market name of (prime4x.com)
    i deposited 20000 $in this broker..and made 22200$ till now ,
    i opened 4 month a go my accounts..but after 1 small withdrawal ,and after 1 month they stoped everything about solving clients problems and did not repay claints money..and always play us very bad...ans fraud people in any style they can ..no answer emails ,not process withdrawal ..not any thing clear about nothing...i am so worry.they destroyed my life and my family life friends..i even dont have money to get a lawyer ..i dont have any experiance about starting in complain,but they are not regulated ,they have a office in dubai,any one knew how can i start to complain?and are there any independents departments that i can send my complain to them to solve my problems ?which document i must collect to can be success ?
    this is link of this scam market : http://www.prime4x.com/
    please guide me if anyone can,thanks a lot

    accept my apologize for writing in english
    best regards
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